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CityPOV is the best way for individuals to contribute and enrich their community with valuable caring actions


CityPOV creates a sense of inclusivity and belonging to a community by allowing users to authentically connect


CityPOV lets you know the best, local places to eat, drink, shop, find entertainment and all the relavent news


CityPOV is the best way to stay in the know about what’s going on in your neighborhood and how to make your community better

Download the latest version of the CityPOV App from the Apple App Store. Become a community Activist, spread good neighbour vibes or just be a micro-tourist in local communities!

Discover Your Neighbourhood

Discover Your Neighbourhood

Save community cards and compare rankings within that city or nation wide. Share your cards with friends and family.

Download CityPOV App from Apple App Store

Vancouver Crime

View Crime Hotspots in Vancouver related to you current location or by other favourited communities.

Search Local News and Events and shops

Search Local News

Each community has its own News Feed of local places, events and stories. You can join discussions on local topics.

Statistics Canada Census Profiles

View Community Census

Do research on communities and their demographics across any community in Canada.